Dear Friends,

We are super excited to announce that Waypoint has been acquired by PTC – home of the world’s largest AR platform – Vuforia!

When we started Waypoint in late 2016, our mission was simple but bold: to use augmented reality to unlock the next wave of human productivity. At the time, we weren’t exactly sure what shape this would take, but we knew for certain that AR would revolutionize the way in which the world’s two billion frontline workers do their jobs – and we set out to jumpstart that revolution.

Over the next 18 months, we met with hundreds of experts across industries, visited over 20 customer sites on the ground, and tested dozens of prototypes to understand how AR could solve some of the world’s toughest problems. In the process we designed a groundbreaking product that fundamentally changes how frontline workers create, access, and use knowledge on the job.

Along the way, we were supported by some of the world’s foremost entrepreneurship programs, like MIT’s delta v Accelerator, Harvard Business School’s Rock Accelerator, Harvard Innovation Lab’s Venture Incubation Program, and MassChallenge. We were also Y Combinator finalists and were offered a spot in Techstars. Most important, we were humbled to collaborate with and learn from incredible mentors, advisors, and investors from around the world.

We are thrilled to welcome a new chapter that will accelerate our vision and help us grow the product further via PTC’s acquisition. Not only does PTC share our vision for how AR will usher in the next wave of human productivity, but with world-class platforms like Vuforia for AR and Thingworx for IoT, it is truly one of the few companies in the world with the resources and scale to make that future a reality.

For the customers, advisors, investors, and friends who have supported us along the way – we thank you deeply for your support. The revolution is just getting started – we are so excited for what lies ahead!


Umar, Varun, and Sara

P.S.: We are hiring for lots of positions (AR developersdesigners, and business development) so please reach out if you are interested!