Meet our team



Meet our team

We're hacker nerds with a creative core.

Formed out of MIT and Harvard, our team draws upon our prior experience in emerging technology, product design, and entrepreneurship. Collectively we have over 7 years of experience working in augmented reality.

We believe the most passionate teams are also the most successful ones. Passion for your job should not be dictated by the scope of your skills, so we are building tech to let people quickly gain expertise so they can do what they love. Right now we do that by building enterprise AR software that lets frontline workers rapidly capture, access, and scale expert knowledge while on the job.

Our mission? To use AR to unlock the next stage of human productivity.


Umar Arshad


Technologist and recovering lawyer with over 14 years of experience working in cutting edge technologies in UI/UX, big data, and mobile devices.

Varun Mani

Head of Technology

Skilled augmented reality technologist who, prior to attending Harvard Business School, was part of the core team that developed the ground-breaking Hololens headset at Microsoft.

Sara Remsen

Head of Product

Product designer and developer with experience in 3D animation and education who previously researched AR at the MIT Media Lab.



Jan-Erik Steel

Engineer with over 15 years of experience leading the design and development of cutting edge video games such as Guitar Hero and Skylanders, giving him unique expertise in building interactive software that is easy and intuitive to use.